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  • Yes, we understand as a tenant, rental is one of your biggest monthly expenses and you get nothing out of it.

  • Yes, we know that as a landlord, manage and ensure rental received on time gives you immense hurdle.

  • Yes, most of the time as an agent, having able to well resolve tenant and landlord issues is the key for you to stay on top.

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About Us

Payla is a 100% Malaysian owned and operated company offering revolutionary rental payment methods. Inspired by a joke “Are you out of your mind? Pay rental by Credit Card?”, Payla has made the joke reality.

Payla is the leading electronic payment solution, allows tenants earn miles and cash back even faster just by paying their rental. This convenient and rewarding service processes rental payments on behalf of tenants and seamlessly forwards the funds to real estate owners/landlords without any action required from tenants. As for real estate owners, all they need to do is sit back, relax and be notified upon rental receiving.

No matter you are a real estate tenant or owner, with a simple setup process and an even simpler fee structure, Payla is your affordable payment solution that gives you peace of mind in dealing with your rental payment or collection.

Payla, make rental a reward


Landlord Benefits

Payla - Make rental management at your finger tips
  • Receive Rental On Time

    No more late rental payment.

  • Alternative Payment Method for Your Tenants

    Provide alternative method for your tenant to pay rental makes your properties stand out from the others.

  • Peace of Mind

    Keep track of all your properties’ rental transactions anytime anywhere with Payla mobile app.

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Tenant Benefits

Payla - Make rental your rewards
  • Earn Rewards

    Earn miles and cash back even faster when you pay your rental.

  • Never Forget

    Rental is automatically paid by itself without even a reminder needs to be sent to you.

  • Transaction Record

    Get notification of all rental payments.

Payla Features

Our sophisticated features automate routine tasks and give you a brand new rental payment experience.

Rental Management

All rental transactions at a glance in Payla mobile app.


Each and every single transaction is tracked and recorded in secured environment.

Get Notified

We will keep you updated on every transaction status. 

Automatic Payment

All payments are done automatically. Avoid being at risk if things ever get a little weird.

Go Green

No more writing cheque and travel all the way just to collect/pay rental.

Chat Support

Professional and dedicated customer officers to assist you.

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